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Afraid to go somewhere NEW! December 01, 2009

Returning to the comfort zone where you feel at home and no one has ever taken your wallet.

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4:30 am Halifax International Airport
Why bother with the unknown, and why risk your precious time away in the pursuit of new vistas and experiences?

Age has something to do with it (I am an official pensioner as of 2008) but most likely you have found a place that makes you feel like a part of you has been left behind each time you visit and you want to return to claim those feelings once again. There lies an instinct within us that our comfort and safety will never be comprimised in those places with which we are intimate.

Opportunities are repressed to see more wonders as we click our departure and destination boxes on the Continental/American/whatever booking page, picking our seats and waiting forever for our cab trip to the airport anticipating the return to the familiar land of our experiences.

I would not be exagerating if I said that returning to Costa Rica entered my thought processes every day of the year and that sometimes I exhaust myself to sleep tripping from car ferry to bus, bike and train to get my passport stamped.
My preoccupation with travel has been heightened in the past several years with an intermittent battle of a cancer tumour which rises and falls with carefully monitored injections and pills, keeping me on the sharp edge of enthusiam for life and in dread of the alternative. It has been 7 years that I have been wrestling with this medical demon and I would say that I am now more prepared for the end but no more encouraged about how will get there. There now is an end in sight and with that prospect I have become intensely aware of how much wonder there is around me every day, wherever I am. All of the elements I consider in my drawing and photography have become more vivid and much richer, the colors scream out more brilliant, the textures have more substance, perspective greater depth and shape has greater volume.
I see this all the time now and when I have the chance to stick a lens into a double hibiscus, sneak up on a gaudy green frog or just sit patiently for a howler monkey to tell me she is joyful for the rain, I brim with joy.

Returning to the familiar jungles and coastlines I burst with expectation at the next bend. It will be good to see a few more bends in the road before it straightens out.

Customs in the USA (Chicago) turned out to be act of extreme patience as we were put through the scanner 2 times while within the secure boarding area. We were not intimidated by anyone in the border security exercises but it seemed to be more than was needed guarantee a safe trip. I expect that if I were to witness an act of violence while in the air, I may well be in favor of the intense scruitiny before boarding. Departure from Costa Rica also involved a secondary baton scan and actual body frisk. Do everything that is asked of you or you will gain the ire of the mobs of people in line behind you who are getting sweaty and impatient.

We managed to get all our gear into 2 carry on bags one being a personal bag and the other being for the laptop.
We often have the checked or carry-on discussion but have always opted to avoid checked luggage when possible. Having to pay $25 per bag has also helped in the decision making.
The laptop must be separate for potential inspection (ripped movies, porno and critical essays on the government are not welcomed at U.S. border inspections). Because we had connections to make we were cautious about checked bags, but our return flights in January would prove our fears of lost items to be without foundation.


So goes the latest adventure as we walk around the apartment testing our new MEC sling bags and guessing our carry-on weight, knowing that it is still 3 days to take off and that we have already knocked the fern over twice in our enthusiasm to adjust our new gear. Carolyn always enjoys this part of our adventures as she takes great pride in how efficiently she can fill her bag. She could fold a trampoline to fit into her pocket. Take a look at how she mastered our bug tent.............

Kempt Shore Acoustic Music Festival 2008

Giddy with anticipation we are on our way to Chicago. and then 5 weeks in Costa Rica.

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