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Costa Rica Itinerary - November 15, 2009

Lodgings, Travel and Activities for our Costa Rica adventure 2009-10. Parts of this travelogue was written after our return to Canada.

rain -10 °C


Costa Rica Itinerary - November 15, 2009


Afraid to Go - December 1, 2009

Chicago - December 4 - 7, 2009

Alajuela - Volcan Poas - December 9, 2009

Cahuita - Cahuita NP - December 17, 2009

Guapiles - Arial Tram - December 29, 2009

Punta Uva - Blooms and Beaches - January 2, 2010

Punta Uva - Roots, Bugs and Buddies - January 6, 2010

November 15
Warm shirtsleeve weather is a plus for November and I hope it stays that way for all you folks who don't have a pair of snowshoes drying out in the basement. We are taking off earlier this year to get to a conference in Chicago but will arrive in CR soon enough.

The wind is behind our backs again and so we packed up enough underwear and sun block for a few weeks and are off to Costa Rica December 7.

Carolyn and I are both fortunate to get another chance to spend some time in this beautiful country with all the rainforests, beaches, volcanoes and abundant bird life. the opportunity to scout a favorite destination was done in our trip last year when we crossed the country from Pacific to Atlantic before we decided to stay a while on the southern coast of the Atlantic shore south of Puerto Limon in the towns of Cahuita, Puerto Veijo and Manzanillo. We both have work to do during our stay so it was important to be in one spot for a while to get internet access. This will be possible at Alby Lodge in Cahuita and Cabinas Punta Uva near Manzanillo with a short stay further inland near Orosi and Turrialba.

We wish you a happy and safe journey into the new year.

December 3
We will leaving Halifax for Chicago spending 4 days with the wind.

December 7
Flying out of OHare to San Jose arriving 3pm CR time
Staying in Alajuela two nights at Hotel 1915.

[bDecember 9[/b]
Arrive in Cahuita for 7 days with Alby Lodge.

December 16
Take residence at Cabinas Punta Uva, south of Puerto Veijo, until December 28.

[bDecember 28 - Jan 1[/b]
Arrive at Casa Rio Blanco Ecolodge near the city of Guapiles.

January 2 - January 13
Returned to Punta Uva Cabinas

As with last years trip we will keep close tabs on our spending. Part of the fun of travel is to see how much value we can get for our money so while we take pains not to be on the cheap for everything we do it is still important to us what our daily rate is. The longer you are in one place the cheaper your daily costs become but that is not a good reason to go on holiday. We include, transportation, insurance, accomodation, food and drink, and are able to find a category for every dollar we spend and spreading that toal over the numbers of days we are away will give us daily rate. Money is difficult to come by and even harder to let go of.

I am always interested in what people take with them when they travel so for you with a mutual interest here is a list and the descriptions of my gear and of packing for my trip to Costa Rica next week.


1. lightweight spare backpack.
2. small gear shoulder bag
3. snorkel gear bag
4. cinch strap
5. Slip Pod Pack 35 litre
5a. Slip Pod Pack 14 litre
6. spare duffle bag
7. art bag
8. monopod
9. dive mask
10. 10mp digital camera
11. camera case
12. snorkel #1
13. snorkel#2
14. 24" swim fins
15. drugs
16. mini tripod
17. eyeglasses and case
18. storage media 20 meg total
19. dvd's (20)
20. AA batteries (12)
21. hard drive case
22. sun block
24. 150 meg hard drive
25. 5 pair socks
26. 2 shirts
27. hair gear
28. 5 Tshirts
29. 4 pair underwear
30. 2 pair shorts 1 Bsuit
31. 2 pair pants
32. solar radio
33. nintendo DSi
34. Drawing paper and pencils
35. pocket wallet

Extra stuff light jacket, water shoes, sneakers, belt, money pouch, walkie talkies and
possibly a bit more.
We are allowed 1 - 40lb carry on and another modest shoulder bag and so to avoid checking baggage we will have to get all this stuff packed pretty tight.

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