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When is it time to go home?

If we have been away from our root place for any length of time we can, at any one moment, move from the wonder of tomorrow to the security of yesterday.

Take as an example that we are served a glorious meal of all our favorites foods and we eagerly dig in casting away any thoughts that don't support this gastronomic experience lasting all night. In an instant we recognize the offering is too large and we wish we were done. We never anticipate this moment and never deny it happens, but unless we chance to wound the chefs good intentions or our Mother stands insistent that the plate be cleaned, it is always easy enough to leave what you don't need.

When we travel our heads are full of new landscapes, colors and smells. These are the threads of our journey which weave the feelings we take home and that we eventually use to reflect on in times of liesure, stress or failure. Do we become so full of new experience that we shut the door and decide to return to our familiar places that already have been formed for us or is our resolve to engage in a new frontier worn down by the continuous assault of the obligation to change?

Never have I been anywhere from my roots that I did not have a moment at which, in an instant, I decide that I should go home. It may happen in the 3rd hour, 4th day, 2nd week, or the 8th year of an adventure and there appears no specific deciding factor, excepting sickness and resources, that predicates my need to leave where I am and return to my "home".

We may not actually decide to go home but rather we may be finishing our most recent jouney.

Table of Contents
In chronological order

Costa Rica - Punta Uva, Roots, Bugs and Buddies - January 6, 2010
Some the adventurers who walked through and under the door

Costa Rica - Punta Uva, Blooms and Beaches - January 2, 2010
Warm water, coral clusters, palms and hold on to your purse

Costa Rica - Guapiles, Rio Blanco, Arial Tram - December 29, 2009
Great birding at Rio Blanco added at least a dozen new species to my life list

Costa Rica - Cahuita National Park - December 17, 2009
An amazing array of Monkeys, Iguanas, Sloths, Marine life, Terrain and Fauna

Costa Rica - Alajuela, Volcan Poas - December 9, 2009
An excellent place to brush off the plane dust

Chicago - Center of so much. December 4 - 7, 2009
Looking straight up is the only way to find out if it is night or day

Costa Rica - Afraid to go somewhere NEW! December 01, 2009
Returning to the comfort zone where you feel at home

Costa Rica - Itinerary - November 15, 2009
Lodgings, Travel and Activities for our Costa Rica adventure 2009-10

Costa Rica - Birding
Enjoy the colors and variety of species taken at La Quinta, Sarapiqui

Costa Rica - Puerto Veijo de Talamanca
Exploring the color and characters of the southern Carribean coast

Costa Rica - Places to stay
There are no shortage of great places to stay in Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Turrialba - Guayabo National Monument
A bus to the mountains brings ancient history to life

Costa Rica - Los Angeles Cloud Forest
Understanding the cycles of life in the Cloud Forest

Costa Rica - Montezuma
Chasing the hippie lifestyle on the Pacific beaches

Costa Rica - Curu
The private refuge with "all incusive" facilities

Costa Rica - Puerto Veijo Sarapiqui
An eartquake of 6.2 magnitude hits the Sarapiqui river - video

Costa Rica - Earthquake
A description of the river, before and after the earthquake - video

Costa Rica - La Virgen
More birds at the feeder (poor mans birding technique)

Costa Rica - Retiring abroad
Another angle on finding a way to stay in the winter sun

Costa Rica - Guacima
Colourful butterflies facility raised for export to schools and research facilities

Costa Rica - Language diploma
5 days of Spanish language classes brings me into the Tico world

Costa Rica - Spanish class
I wish I had done this before I misplaced my brain

Costa Rica - Alajuela
Vibrant market a perfect fit for the Costa Rican "Urban experience"

Costa Rica - Itinerary January 2009
Lodgings, Travel and Activities for our Costa Rica adventure 2008-09

Costa Rica Travel Tales 1992
November 1992 I took my first solo holiday to Costa Rica.

Nova Scotia - SNOW - Reason #1 to go on vacation
As if there aren't enough good reasons to see the world.

Nova Scotia - Camping - The Tent Folder - video
A humorous effort to put away a screen tent

Nova Scotia - Kempt Shore - Music/Travel Article
Acvoustic Maritime Music Festival - Kept Shore

Oaxaca Community Tourism 2006
Lachiguiri, Chayotepec, Lachiviza, San Jose, Pacific Coast of Mexico

USA - Florida, Georgia - 2005
Motorhome travel from Nova Scotia to Florida with stops in Ontario

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